WTS: Steel Battalion



Picked this up from a friend of mine a while ago but never use it. It works 100% and is complete except for the box. The game is in very good condition overall with only a small tearing on the plastic sleeve of the case near the back and the disc has a few light scratches. The controller is also in very good condition with a few minor smudges here and there which can be cleaned easily.

Not looking for a lot here, like $70 plus shipping. Parcel post would be about $20, UPS about $30.

I am looking for Paypal primarily, but would consider trades for shmups for PS2, DC, Saturn, or NTSC-J 360. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.


I don’t want to derail here, but I had the chance to buy the controller and game as a set once for about $30 (though it was in far worse shape than yours, it looks like). I would have jumped on it if the game was backwards compatible and if there was some (horrendous) way of making that controller work on the 360. I didn’t have an Xbox 1 at the time, and I didn’t know I could use it on a PC either. :<

Good luck with your sale!


tried to PM on this but you inbpx appears to be full


Xbox 1 goes for just about nothing these days, I bought one for 20 bucks and threw it on an old t.v . I got Steel Battalion recently off a guy on Craigslist and the controller is totally awesome in person.


Mailbox is full. Let me know if still available. I’m not too far from York, PA