WTS: Steve Tren Dual Modded Ryu Stick

this steve tren stick was originally sold to me by fujifilm and it is in excellent condition. he originally sold it with a sanwa flash in it and that was the only reason i bought the entire stick, so it’s up for sale now with a JLF. i hardly touched it, musta used it like 3 times or something.

i can replace the balltop to a solid white

$170 shipped to cont. US



I’m pretty sure that $180 shipped for a used Agetec “Green Goblin” is tad high.

Just sayin’…


Most Agetec Goblins, even in mint condition, sell for $60, TOPS… $180, like TwoThirtyEight said, is probably too much to ask for that stick good as it is… They’re not as desirable as Namco PS1 joysticks and even those don’t usually top $85-$100 in mint condition.

Green Gob is about a $45-$60 stick, depending on where its picked up at. $180 is pretty high, and if you bought it on Ebay for that price, bummer bro.

Nice Ryu stick though, the art and the bezel just go together so well. GL on selling it!

wow 45-60, that low huh? i guess i’m better off keeping it then. thanks for the replies guys

price drop and bump

price drop and bump

that’s a dope Steve Tren. gl with your sale! :slight_smile:

thanks CI581

last price drop before i just throw it on ebay