WTS: Stick Case / JLF / Buttons

Pic: http://oi42.tinypic.com/sxhs2d.jpg


There’s an SE case that has been gutted, and threw in some buttons I had laying around. This has a custom piece of plexiglass for the bottom so you can have artwork on it! It was cut and made by Nitewalker. Looking for $45 shipped (including the 8 buttons that are in it)

-8 assorted color combinations Sanwa 30mm buttons. One is missing a microswitch but I have one I can throw in there if you want me to. 3 24mm Sanwa buttons, 3 regular sized Sanwa Balltops and a Neutrik Adapter. $20 shipped for all.

- Disassembled Sanwa JLF stick. Was in a dual-modded TE that I bought from here, however I swapped it completely upon arrival with a Link that I had. I did try it to make sure it works when I first got it, and it did, and has been sitting in the plastic bag ever since. $15 shipped. SOLD.

(not pictured because I need to remember where I put it) I have an Xbox 360 PCB from a madcatz SE, (not this one though I don’t believe), just needs to have a little wire work done and you’ll be as good as new. Looking for $25 shipped OBO. (I believe a wire just came loose and it needs to be re-soldered, as well as needing a USB Cable for it) SOLD.

Take the small group of buttons/balltop/neutrik adapter+case with buttons for **$55 shipped. **


JLF Sold to Yon702, pending payment.


PCB sold to kasprfoto, awaiting payment. :slight_smile:

Take the SE Case with custom bottom plexi, (still has bottom metal panel, plexi goes over it just like on a TE), 8 buttons in it, and buttons/balltops/neutrik adapter lot for $55 shipped!

pics please?

PMing right now.

does the case have a hole for the neutrik adapter and does it use regular small se buttons or are they drilled for 24/30mm buttons?