WTS:Stick Modding Service, Hori EX2 Case and Dreamcast PCB+More


For Sale

Stick Modding Service. Send me a PM about it and we’ll discuss it.

Blank EX2 case, nothing inside. -$25


The dreamcast PCB is from an original dreamcast controller. -$10

6x Green and 2x White Sanwa OBSF-30’s, slightly used, looking great- $18

Will sell it all for $35 (besides the target card)
This does include shipping.

Warning, pics are huge.


pmed maybe we can get a deal goin.


No thanks Al, I stated that I wanted a video card, you know. For PC’s.


OH WHOOPS lol sorry i just skimmed real fast and thought video games lol.

the only vid card i have is a 9800gt 512mb pci-e i’d want 25 cash on top of the gift card tho.


I don’t have any cash…sorry man, I can throw in 4 balltops and a bat top if you want xD I also have an EX2 case and a standard Dreamcast PCB.


May want to drop that price - don’t think people are willing to pay 1:1 for a gift card. Why not just go to Target with $50.00 cash, you know?

What color ball tops do you have?


Yeah, point taken.

Blue, Green, Black, Red.

Update, price dropped.


Hrm, how much are you willing to sell each balltop for? I am interested in black, but depending on the price, might be more interested in some of the others.


Meh, $1.50 each? I don’t need um lol




Interested in an ATI HD3650 in excellent condition? If you decide to trade for other stuff, check my list http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=207936




Target Card and Balltops are gone!


got any pics of the ex2 case?


I’ll get you some later today.
Same with the Dreamcast PCB.


Update, new items added, offers.

Items sold by the end of the weekend will be shipped on Tuesday.


shipping included?


Not included.


All orders will be shipped tomorrow and your confirmation/tracking number PMed to you. Thanks.

Will be taking pics of the Case, PCB and buttons tomorrow aswell.


any chance you have the shaft from the ex2?