WTS: Stick modding services for USA residents

In order to cover some travel expenses to several major tournaments this year and pay for college classes and student loans, I am now offering my services on a slightly larger scale.

In a nutshell, I am offering:
-Dual-mods (PS3 -> 360 using Toodles Imp V2 and a Mad Catz Fightpad or Controller, and 360 -> PS3 using Toodles ChImp board)
-Swap out stock parts for Sanwa or Seimitsu parts from focusattack.com
-Basic artwork template (Lami-Label or simple print)
-Single console padhacks

I can work on projects locally here in SoCal. I can also ship out finished projects at the cost of shipping or deliver them personally, should I meet you at a major event.

(On average; labor and cost of all parts included in said price unless specified, shipping extra):
-Dual-mod only = ($35 for ChImp only/Imp V2 + Mad Catz Controller) + ($40 labor) = $75
-New parts and new artwork = (calculate cost of all parts on focusattack, typically ~$45) + ($12 Lami-Label) = ~$60
-Dual-mod, new parts, AND new artwork = ($50 labor) + ($35 dual-mod) + (~$45 new parts) + ($12 Lami-Label) = $145

I have several cases ready to work on, with each case’s price added to project:
-3 Mad Catz SFIV/TvC SE (one 360, the other two Wii)
-1 Wii Hori Fighting Stick
-1 PS3 Hori Fighting Stick
-1 Tekken 5 Hori
-1 red and black, 6-face button Arcade-in-a-Box

I’ll accept PayPal or cash. PM me for inquiries.

Finished works since this thread’s creation
-For Mankat: MayFlash case, Sanwa JLF w/S-shape mounting plate and 10 OSBF-30s, 1 12.7mm button from Radio Shack, Lami-Label artwork, ChImp+360 Mad Catz controller dualmod
-For Realto Johnny: ChImp+360 Mad Catz controller dual-mod, Sanwa JLF and 8 OSBF-30s/2 OSBF-24s, 1 12.7mm button from West Florida Components, Lami-label artwork
-For Sudetan: Lami-Label for Agetec stick

To see some of my other finished works, see the following: Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Will update thread with finished works since this threads creation. Already posted a few.