WTS: Stick Mods and Pad Hacking Services


I am based in Columbus, OH and I want to offer stick mods and pad hacking services. All padhacks will come with a daisy chained ground wire and quick disconnects. The same applies for all dual mods.

I can also install sanwa and seimitsu parts in most sticks. Here is pricing and a list of sticks I can mod. Please PM me if you are interested:

Pad Hacks - $50 + shipping back to you($25 if you ship your pad to us + shipping back to you)
Ps1 Analog
Ps1 Dualshock
Xbox 360 Gamestop 4716 Pads
Dual mods** are $50 in labor + shipping and you supply the parts, if we supply the parts 360/ps2 is $90 + shipping, 360/ps3(cthulhu) is $110

Part swaps are $50 in labor + shipping back to you.

Sticks we can mod(Dual mods are only on common ground sticks)
Hori Tekken 5 Arcade Stick

Xbox 360
Madcatz SE Arcade Stick
Madcatz TE Arcade Stick
Hori Ex2
Hori Soul Calibur 4
Hori DOA4 Stick
Hori Real Arcade Pro EX

Madcatz SE Arcade Stick
Madcatz TE Arcade Stick
Hori PS3 Fightstick
Hori Real Arcade Pro 3
Hori Soul Calibur 4 Arcade Stick

Hori Wii Fighting Stick


Can you give me total price for a 360 padhack to 98168? And can you ship out fast enough to get to me before next wednesday? If the answer is “yes” I will paypal out to you tommorow, but Shipping SPEED IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Thanks man. :tup:


Pm’d you Airthrow.


I post more pictures later but this is my custom afro samurai hori modded by bqheath looks great works excellent 2 weeks played sf4 sf2hd mvc2 and kof X11 and all of em do excellent on here shipping was also fast