WTS: Stick stuff for sale. ADDED: HD BOX PRO

Got some stick parts here.

Black Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm buttons w/clear plungers (9) - SOLD
Black Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm buttons w/clear plungers (3) - SOLD
White Seimitsu PS-14-DN 30mm buttons w/clear plungers (3) - $1.80 each + shipping
Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick (1) - SOLD
Purple Sanwa balltop - $5 shipped
White iL EuroJoystick (ie Happ Competition) - SOLD
Red iL concave pushbuttons (9) - $1.25 each + shipping
Red iL Compact Joystick (ie Happ Super) - $13 shipped
Myoungshin Fanta joystick (black) - $22 shipped
HD BOX Pro lagless component to vga converter - $50 shipped

Any combination of buttons + stick will = free shipping on buttons.

What is the condition of all the parts?

brand new and never used.

I thought so, does the LS32 come with a Balltop? I have a friend that might be interested if it does. LMK. thanks

Yes, it has a red balltop. I also have a spare purple balltop.

Do you mind holding onto the 9 black PS-14-GN and 3 of the black PS-14-DNs until about this time tomorrow? I don’t have a paypal so I have to see if my sister is willing to paypal you the money for me.

Ill let you know by the end of sunday if my friend wants . Thats if you still have it then.

Demon- Your gonna like the PS-14-GN’s, those are my fav buttons

well, I can’t hold them, but I will be anticipating your response.

Shot you a pm about the parts.

the PS-14-GN buttons are sold. I have 3 PS-14-DN buttons in black and 6 in white remaining.

Nigga warp! Pics of that korean stick :smiley:

pm sent


No 24mm buttons left? I guess they werent white anyways tho…If you had em I would take 2 in white or clear and the ls32…

I have 3 of the black ones left. LS-32 is sold.

Just added an HD Box Pro to the list, nd a purple balltop.

Purple Sanwa balltop - 45 shipped


Pics of HD Box Pro?

the balltop is an obvious typo. it’s $5.

I’m with Strikeshell. Do you have pictures of the HD Box Pro and the stuff that comes with it?