WTS: Stick stuff for sale. ADDED: HD BOX PRO

There are some pics. There really isn’t much to it.

Not bad Warpticon! I’d have bought this off of you by now, but after looking at my sorry funds for the next month, I’m going to have to pass this up. Great deal though! I’ve really got to get myself one when I stop being poor. :sad:

Also, would anybody be interested in a play-asia coupon? I have a $37.30 one for an item I bought that never arrived, but I need cash more than a coupon. So, if anybody’s planning on buying anything from play-asia, I’ll sell you this coupon for $25.

Hey Warpticon, I’ve tried msg’ing you a couple times but your inbox is usually full. Will you please give me an update on when you shipped out the HD Box Pro? I paid last Thursday and you still haven’t given me any confirmation on shipment.

while you’re at it let me know when you shipped that stick.

postmarked the 24th? really bro? 2 whole weeks to get to the PO only cuz i reminded you?

Yeah mine got shipped at the same time. Took about a week for him to send it out to me. I think Warp has a lot of crap going on right now or something, so I’m not too worried about it. At least it got here in good condition.

fuck his problems and fuck you too. there’s this thing called a refund when shit pops up. anything else is bullshit excuses.

Wow dude, you need to chill the fuck out with the whole “fuck you too” shit. I don’t know what went on between you two, and I never claimed to know. I merely stated that I just bought something from him two weeks ago and I just got it today as well. Last time I checked I was allowed to tell about my own experience with him.

Can you please tell me when I said anything about you and your experience with him? I merely said that I was in the same boat as you. Christ dude.