WTS: Stick Stuff

First up is a PS3 MvC2 TE, only played on this once for a tournament that was ps3 only. Original Box 90 + shipping
http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq287/ThePandamonium/ps3te.jpg - On Hold

Sanwa OBSF-30’s, sets of 6 ($18 shipped)
1x Vermillion


Looking for
PS2 joysticks

Sold Stuff**
Seimitsu LS-40 with bat top adapter and blue bat top and 6x Black OBSF-30’s - sold to minifoo
SF4 TE for 360, has original box. 70 and 6x Pink OBSF-30’s - sold to Kasprfoto

Bump, added WTB stuff.

Also interested in PVC and resin figurines, not miniatures. X-Men and Marvel, not Busts

u got a PM

Is the LS-40 and black Sanwas still for sale?

Yeah, still up for grabs on button and stick.


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Did anyone ever get ps3 tes to work with pc?

Dunno, my friend has a PS3 te that works with PC, and I can always just check to see if i can get it to work on my computer.

Bump plus price drop and 360 stick added.

Those are some pretty sick prices. Good luck!

360 SF4 TE is pending, as well as the pink buttons.

MvC2 is on hold yet again :smiley: