WTS: Sticks and Games

Forgot to mention Payment: I’m not familiar with paypal so I’ll only be accepting postal money orders. Only shipping to the US.

I’ve never had any competition in my area for quite some time save for my thirteen year old brother, and I’ve been doing this street fighter thing for as long as I can remember. I’ve decided to move on and get rid of the things I won’t be needing. The new items were played on two-four times and put away in their boxes. This will be my first time selling stuff through the mail, I can manage with a bit of help from the post office, however. No pictures, sorry:

  1. New Tekken 5 Hori Bundle — $45 shipped. Was missing the game when I bought it, but I do have a copy of tekken 5 I got used from gamestop previously that I haven’t touched much and it will be included. - holding

  2. Used Hori DOA4 Stick — $25 shipped. Played on almost daily - not sure how much life is left in it exactly. Previously I thought the switches were somewhat worn because I installed a sanwa gate onto the stick, and it didn’t perform like a sanwa at all. Put the old gate back on and feels the same as it did when I bought it for the most part. - holding

  3. Two new green balltopped Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y’s ** (without mounting plate) - $20 shipped for untampered stick with undrilled gate. $18 for drilled holes gate/stick. “One of the gates has 4 drilled holes so I could attach the gate to the DOA4 stick. Does not affect gameplay” - holding**

  4. Six green sanwa OBSF-30’s and two yellow OBSF-24’s- $10 shipped - holding

hrap2 is mine

chech your PMs

pm’d for doa4 stick

i want the HRAP2 :frowning:

pm sent

people with yun avatars love hrap2’s :wonder:

pm sent for Tekken 5 Hori Bundle

am i trippin or was there no hrap 1 in the original post?

i would’ve picked that up too if i saw it was available. :frowning:

how much for hrap1 shipped alone?

just wonderin if you shipped the t5 stick

got the jlf’s today. thanks again

have you received payment?