WTS: sticks and stuff

Have a few things I want to sell. I live in Wausau, WI so pickup is fine with me too.

Newly constructed joystick for PS2. The Joystick and buttons are top of the line Seimitsu arcade parts. Use widely on many Japanese arcades and fighting tournaments. I accept pay-pal and Money Order. First come first serve so PM me at leene@uwstout.edu quickly!


Name: PS2 Street Fighter Stick
Game System: PS2
Size: 7.5x14 inches
Joystick: Seimitsu
Restrictor: Square
Buttons: 30mm Seimitsu Red with Red ball
Price: $130
Shipping: $10 - UPSP Priority - US/CA only

Up next is a universal stick: SOLD! to Truckasaurus

This stick is for psx, ps2, xbox, and game cube. I bought it about 6 years ago to play some fighting games but now I just dont use it anymore. Everything still work, but the bottom 4 buttons are sticky. Youll have to lube it. This is a great stick for multiple systems and a great stick if you want to mod it with other parts. I build my sticks now-a-days so I really dont have any use for this. Ill sell it for $50, FREE SHIPPING, US only. I think most of the money will end up going to shipping because this stick is kind of big. PM if interested. Pay Pal or Money Order.


I tried to make a Happ stick but it turns out I dont really like it and never really finish it. It comes with Happ Compitition Joystick and buttons. I will include a use ps2 controller along so you can start putting it together. Doesnt have bottom cover board so youll have to make one yourself. This is a great DIY stick if you want to get your hands wet in making stick. Ill sell it for $70, FREE SHIPPING, US only. PM me if interested. Pay Pal or Money Order.

I will try to add new things to this thread from time to time so check it often.


Ill take that pelican universal arcade stick!

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does the white stick have lexan? kind of hard to see if it does or not

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Guy’s he is a great awesome to do business with. Made a Purchase through Ebay (Sadly there was a mixup between Sanwa Buttons and Seimitsu button but the refund was so painless.)


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In the unlikely event Truck doesn’t get that Pelican, I’ll take it.

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