WTS: Sticks, Cases, Sanwa Parts, Accessories

I need to sell these things off to fund for my FR trip. Payment is through Paypal only and please limit the shipping to within the US. Please post and send a PM if you are interested.

Everything sold for now. Will update when I need to sell more junk.

Sold Items:

360 TE Stick
Xbox 360 SFIV Sagat Faceplate
PS3 FS3 Case
Used JLF with Harnest
6 Red OBSN-30s
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC
Kaplan PCAT 2010-2011 Study Guide
New MC Cthuhlu
3 Red OBSN-24s
Empty Norris Case

pm’d about your mc cthulhu

I take it you need a mounting plate for that Norris stick? I’m very interested.

PM sent.

I’m not sure what you mean by mounting plate, but you just use the joystick mounting plate. Flat plate for jlf, s plate for ls 32.

PM sent for the 6 Red OBSN 30mm and JLF

Bunch of things sold. Notorious_Pip I will get back to you on shipping, trying to find a packaging solution that would be cheap and will conform to the 360 pad.

Cool, thanks. Let me know. I have the money ready to go.

JLF, OBSNs, & 360 controller with wireless pc adapter sold. Will ship on specified dates as stated in pms.

Does the TE have its pcb or is it jsut the case

It’s the whole thing with PCB. I just stated that I unscrewed the bottom panel and put electrical tape under it as I was going to go through a full custom mod with the case but changed my mind on it.

Edit - Double post.


Sent PM.

got my cthulhu today. packaging was perfect. thank you sir.

Man, I want that sagat faceplate…anything you’re looking for in trade?

I’m up for offers on that thing. What do you have that’s interesting?

I’ve got an xconverter 360 and some obsf 30s from a TE I’d be willing to trade. I’m not sure what else I’d be willing to trade…is there anything you’re looking for?

The OBSFs sound good, just how used are they?

They were used maybe a half hour and have just been sitting in a box since then… I use seimitsu so they were pulled out pretty quickly to be replaced with ps-14-gnc’s.