WTS Sticks,Games,Parts & A Bunch Of Other Stuff (Local Sale Only FTM) SoCal / I.E

Yo! i have some items i want to sell. for the moment i am NOT SHIPPING anything.

this is for local buyers only. (i have a dumb schedule and i don’t make the post office)

i am close to james games arcade. i can always meet up there

fridays we can meet up at shuffle and Cut in rancho cucamonga (where we host casuals every Friday night)

Wednesday i can meet up at arcade infinity from 8pm-9pm (i pass by there on my way back)

alright here is what i have.

Madcats Round 1 TE Xbox 360 **SOLD **

Xbox 360 Hori EX2 i used this stick for maybe 40hrs of play time. still in good shape asking $30.00 comes with original packaging

Wii Madcatz TvC Stick stick is brand new i never got to use it since i made my own GC sticks. does not come with the original box $35.00

Dreamcast Lan Adapter comes with the box and manual. its in really good shape. $80.00

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse for PC this one is still brand new never been opened. $75.00

Hori TvC stick links to Madcatz, nice prices anyways, hope you get your monitor !

so did you swap the parts in the TvC stick to hori parts?
i thought madCatz mad that bad boy.

Either way, good luck with the sale.

Oops I typed it wrong. I just fixed it

TE stick is now sold