WTS: Sticks/Games/Parts/Misc


Hey everyone. I’ve got some items for sale. 48 states. Prices do not include shipping. I accept Paypal.

I’ll go by order of PM’s. Thanks.


Gamecube Memory Card: shown above: $10
Silver Gamecube Controller: $15
2 Gamecube Wavebirds: 25 each

Xbox 360

Modded SE: comes with original box (1 corner dented) but no headset adaptor or character card: packaged inside another box: the lamilabel from kinkos was kinda meh and the black looks kinda grayish due to gray spots from the transfer: $70

2 BNIB Madcatz Fightpads: 1 blanka, 1 chunli: $30 each
Photos: 1 | 2

Brand new: 1 green obsf 30, 2 white obsf 30, 2 green obsf 24: $2 each
Used: Set of Parts pulled from Madcatz SE: $12


pmed for namco


pmed for twinstick








pm’d for pad




Pikmin games moved to Ebay. Price drop on modded SE (now $80).

I will be moving some more of the items that aren’t sticks or parts over to ebay periodically over the next 2 days.


PM sent.



Moved some items to ebay.


PMed for the green OBSF’s. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:



Some items on hold.

Edit: Namco back up for sale, GBA FFVI game moved to ebay.

Edit2: Just want to let people know that my internet access will be spotty over the next few days so If I do not get back to you immediately that is why. Thank you.


I’ll buy the namco stick



TE stick and Namco stick on hold.


lol, I can afford those green buttons finally if you still got em.


2 green OBSF 30 sold, BNIB TE stick sold, DC Twin Sticks sold


Hey man, got the buttons! They’re in great condition. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thanks for the update.


PMed for the SE Parts