WTS - Sticks & Stuff

I’m moving so time to get rid a bunch of stuff I have for some reason that I never opened but wasted money on. I’m at work and I’ll update this later. I can take pictures if anyone wants.

-(2) Tekken 5 Collector’s Edition (Brand New - PS2) (Offers welcome… I was looking at $55 each before shipping which is roughly $5 less than eBay completed auctions)
I have 2 of these, I’ve never used the sticks but the games were opened up a long time ago to run a tournament. It’s in its original box. FYI Modding will require a dremel to get Sanwa’s in.

XBox Games ($2.50 media mail shipping, I’d combine shipping obviously)
$8 - Dead or Alive Ultimate (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - King of Fighters: Maximum Impact (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - King of Fighters Neowave (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - Mortal Kombat Deception Kollector’s Edition (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - Samurai Shodown V (XBox Live Compatible)
$8 - SNK Vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos (XBox Live Compatible)

Most are very good to like new condition. All are complete with box and instructions.

Never used this trading post before, but I figure I should since I’m a mod and have been here for awhile. I also have (421) feedback on eBay that I’ll link in a PM if anyone cares.

I accept PayPal only. I prefer USPS Priority but it tends to be more expensive than UPS for bigger/heavier products. Sticks usually cost anywhere from $12 to $16 for USPS shipping since you can’t use a flat rate box. UPS tends to be like $10+. I’d like to ship within the US if possible. It will be easier to get a precise quote if you’re serious and pm me an address I can look up.

Local pickup is available if you go to Rutgers (not the Newark campus). Also if you go to 8 on the break in Dunellen, NJ I can meet you up there and get a few games in. Cash is welcome for in person pickup (no 2 dollar bills please).



Will that FS EX take a Seimitsu stick? I’m looking for a cheap fixer up and could supply the PCB/stick/buttons.

There was a tutorial somewhere awhile back on this specific stick. I’ll be damned if I can find it cuz I’ve been tryin for the past hour. It may be in my bookmarks at home. If anyone can chime in on this I’d really appreciate it.


Sorry… not trying to be a pain in the ass. I just couldn’t find a confirmation either way.

It’s no trouble man. I’m trying to sell shit, gotta provide all the info I can.



-2 of the Tekken 5 Ultimate Editions have Sealed Tekken 5s
-SvC stick models are 2x Capcom and 1x SNK. Both come with the Calendars and the SvC Straps



Dibs on the EX!

don’t know if you saw it, but i notified you for the stick on your profile

Update: Sold EX Stick


  • bump, because your named Phil, (my name also :wink: )

Q: When are you listing the Xbox 1 fighters?

Whoops I knew I forgot to do something last night.
Tonight I’ll go through em.


interested in 1 or 2 of the tekken sticks. LMK whats up. thanks

Updated with XBox 1 fighters.

-1 T5 Set Sold


Hey Phil,

I sent you a PM about one of the SNK vs. Capcom sticks (SNK version). I’d be glad to take one of them off your hands.


Buyer backed out on friendly terms.

-Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO ($8.00) & SF Anniversary ($20) Xbox are back up for sale if anyone cares… which I feel they don’t.


hey phil,

this is blipples on Jakartas account because mine is really screwing up right now and i was the one who was getting on of the SnK Vs. Capcom sticks in the joint order with him, and i would love to be able to buy one of those from you.


PM sent.

if someone buys a tekken 5 stick and needs it to be swapped with sanwa parts and qd’s pm me. Im starting a mod service.
Bump for phil if hes still selling this stuff. i bought one from him. good seller

I’ll take the T5 if you still have them in stock.