WTS - Stock Namco Stick!


Hey guys, I’m doing this for a friend who doesn’t have the credentials to post in trading outlet yet. Send all inquiries and the like to him:

I’d buy it but I’m broke D:!


i like your avatar, who is that?


Scanty, from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

ON TOPIC: reasonable (?) price for it, but I got a custom coming my way (bringing my total to 4), and I have too many sticks as it is (for a normal person, that is…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Price lowered to $75.


Price lowered to $65!


If you end up not selling it, I would give 25 shipped for the stock namco push buttons. Assuming there in good condition.


EDIT. Sorry, I have to withdraw. I’ve got too many sticks and way too much work on my table to add to either. Best of luck.


I would check this out if I didn’t have more presents to buy.