WTS: Storage boxes for CPS-2 B-boards (in Montreal)


Hi all,

I wanted to store my CPS-2 B-boards more nicely than just stacking up the casings, so took an idea from here:

Problem was, the minimum order of boxes from ULine was in packs of 25 (I ended up with 28 due to a screw-up on their part), and the local company that I found foam sheets at had a minimum order of $150.

Unfortunately, I don’t need 28 foam-lined boxes for CPS-2 games; my “to-get” list is only about 10-11 games anyways for that platform. So I’d have at least 15 of these in extra.

Would anyone be interested in (some of) these? I’d be unloading them just under my cost of materials at $10 each (paid $88.37 after shipping for the 28 boxes, and paid $223.42 in foam that’ll be enough for 32 boxes’ worth of padding, so in it actually comes up to $10.14 each), which means you won’t be paying for my time/labor nor the hot glue that I’m using up assembling them. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s necessarily worthwhile to ship; I’m in Montreal, so it’d be easiest to meet up for a hand-off. On the other hand, I do travel to the Toronto area at least once a year; and guaranteed I’ll be there for TFcon, so I’ll be in Mississauga this year the weekend of July 11th to 14th (during EVO2014, which I will not be attending this year).

(CPS-2 green Pocket Fighter B-board is obviously not included. :D)

Again, since people seem to just skim past the middle of the text to the pictures:

Sold - Nothing here

I’m interested if you decide to ship.


Oh, I have no problems shipping. I just figured that no one would be willing to pay to get boxes shipped. I mean, we all want our boxes to arrive filled with goodies, right? :slight_smile:
PM me if you’re still interested, and we can talk.


sending pm


And with some fancy printing:


Not sure the front image is going to stay put; it’s pretty hard to get such a large sheet (11"x17") stuck on smoothly. The spine label is a must, though. :slight_smile:


I want 2 or 3 of these.send me a quote shipped to 61614 please.those labels look dope.


I would like 4, what would it cost to ship it to 33972


I love southtown. great site. Looks sharp bud, how are you adding the front image with adhesive spray? Maybe a lamilabel would work. I like how the white box looks over the brown cardboard color. May look into these in the future when i get afew cps2 titles. Need to concentrate on getting the neo setup finished first.


Actually, I just used a glue stick for the front label; I was just testing it out.
You’re right, a lamilabel would probably be nicer, but the Staples here don’t print in that big (11"x17") labels, as far as I know.

I don’t think I’ll keep doing front labels for the rest of my boxes for the time being, but the spine ones are amazing, especially if I have the rest of my boxes stacked together and standing.


You’ve got PM.


I might be a bit late to the party but if they are still available i would love 8 of them, I have 5 boards and I’m on the lookout for a few more. Shipping to 34238


I need some of these as well, atleast 3 or 4