WTS: Strategy Guides

I found a bunch of these old strategy guides lying around and i really have no idea how much each are worth. If it’s an unreasonable price let me know or make an offer. All prices OBO.

FFX-2 - 10 shipped + 5 for game (DISC ONLY)
Yoshi’s Story - 10 shipped + 10 for game (CARTRIDGE ONLY)
Starfox 64 - 10 shipped
Godeneye 007 - 10 shipped
Onimusha - 5 shipped

I figured that collectors might be interested in the N64 guides, but again, i really dont know, just throw an offer at me. These prices are mostly based on what i saw on amazon. Buying the games won’t add to the already included shipping cost.

If you want pics let me know, they are all in good condition.

pics of X-2 guide.

In what condition is the Goldeneye guide in?

Both are in good condition. Theres a little bit of damage/creasing on the x-2 cover around the corners, but overall the guide is in great shape. Goldeneye guide just has some normal shelf wear.

Pics as requested:





wow he takes care of his stuff very well. good luck selling.

samurai if you buy the guide with blast corps, which is still on hold for you, ill do it for 15 shipped.

one bump before i stick em on ebay.

ill do 7$ shipped for the X-2 guide if no one else takes it. PM if/when interested