WTS: Street Fighter 15th Year Anniversary Stick! SOLD SOLD

  • This arcade stick has the stock art.
  • Older Happ Competition Joystick w. Red Eurostick Bat top and washer
  • Red Happ Competition buttons.
  • It has an internal dual PCB (MadCatz 360/ official psx) set up utilizing a Radioshack Project Box and a DB25 connector to easily and safely switch between the two PCB’s.
  • Easy storage of spare cable in compartment on the bottom (lid not shown in picture)

An excellent choice for those who are serious about their High Definition Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and even SF IV! Double your playing enoyment!

also it has hardly been used. Tons of life left.

Asking $130 + shipping (only US).


will trade for sanwa flash + cash. old p360 + your cash. ascii flash clone + your cash.

i am of course sanwa flash interesting.




i have a friend whos on the market for a 360/psx stick, but hes not around for at least another week or so. But hey if the thread is an interest check…theres interest.

new pics

Someone please jump on this If I didn’t own like 10 stick I would lol. Good luck with the sale will.

price drop for the srk crowd.

$140 + shipping ?

i guess i’ll put it on ebay…

130 + shipping. deal or no deal ???


wow that’s got to be the cleanest insides of this joystick to be honest. good job. I’d be interested but I already have mine modded (was my first) & my hrap 2 modded

Is this still available?

Wired by someone named Hozie.

:u: nice wiring man, rep +++

thank you. hozie wired this thing up and it works flawlessly.

sold to the man in the blue shirt. please close