WTS Street Fighter 3 CPS 3 Kit [JAP-newbattery]

[Pics will be posted once I get back home]

This is Street Fighter 3 Third Strike! Battery was replaced march 2007

Naturally, the Jap games are the ones that you can have worked on in japan if you have the right connections.

Price is $600.00 negotiable. I’m Looking for best offer and fasted pay time.

The situation is that I’ll be in Michigan where I have all of my arcade equipment between march 21 and march 26th. Payment will need to be received by the 25th; so I can mail it out on the 26th.

I’m not in a hurry to sell, so keep your offers reasonable.


obot64 at googles mail dot com

post price, if you want people to bid on it and makeoffers take it to ebay follow the forum rules

You have to post a price, it’s in the stickies.

Sorry, hmn. Main post updated.

i wish i had the money :frowning: