WTS: Street Fighter and Kingdom Hearts Action figures/WTB: Tekken 5 and other games


Also selling some rare Resaurus action figures. The set was discontinued in 2000 and is highly coveted among figure collectors.
Charlie(slight detachment at the glasses. Nearly unnoticable):

$35 shipped

Blanka very sligh paint chip under chin and peg snapped off into one foot. still stands up fine.

$13 shipped

Also selling a Kingdom hearts Sora Final form action figure. Comes with original box but has been opened and displayed.

$20 shipped

Games I WTB:
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm for ps3 for $35 shipped
Tekken 5 $10 shipped
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon $14 shipped

Edit: Pics added. BTW, pms please so i can identify who contacted me first but you can comment to keep the thread bumped. http://img21.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=p1020736g.jpg




Pics of the Sora please


bump! pics up


pm sent


MvC2 Sold!!! update on the games wanted list