WTS: Street Fighter II Media Retrospective

The item has been sold. I couldn’t find a way to delete the thread though. If any moderator reads this, it’s safe to delete it now. Thank you very much for allowing me to post here. :slight_smile:


Ok, here’s the deal: When I was much, much younger I had this real infatuation with all things Street Fighter. I would gather up all the info I could find about the game, from the various magazines I, and friends, had and started putting together a sort of SF media retrospective. Virtually every magazine you can imagine, I’ve got stuff from it. The books cover SF2 in the arcade all the way to SF Alpha in the arcade(and everything in between). The arcade versions, the SNES, Genesis, 3DO, Turbo-Grafx, Saturn and Playstation versions are all covered. Both huge-ass books contain a combined 1,010 pages of SF info from various magazines. All pages have been put in mylar bags(sort of like what you’d keep comics in) to help preserve them. This would make a very nice gift for X-mas, for one lucky SF fan.

The price is set at $300, and though that may seem high, think about it for a minute: Over 1,000 pages from around 20 different magazines, covering 4 solid years of SF news and 6 SF games(SF2, SF2:CE, SF2T, SSF2, SSF2T, SFA). There are, at least, 5 full strategy guides for the various SF titles and pages and pages of SF codes and trick. Out of print media like EGM’s Sheng Long hoax, the original box for the first SF game on SNES, every review for the game and countless articles. I promise you that you will never find another compilation like this…ever. It comes out to less than $0.30 a page!

If you’re interested, shoot me a message either via the Shoryuken Forums service, or via email. Shipping will have to be worked out on a case-by-case look, as the books weigh quite a bit, and there are a few ways I can ship it. :slight_smile:




Not something I am in the market for but I am really impressed with that collection. I remember so much of that from when I was younger and having them myself until they got thrown out years ago. Hope this sells because it’s an amazing collection for somebody to get.

good stuff, this reminds me back in the day when I had like every single dreamcast ad and article up on my way. I think I practically had an entire issue of next gen magazine on my wall. man was I a dork! :rofl:

DUDE! how much for that box yo!?

That’s really cool actually.

The price seems pretty high but who else would have that sort of thing? So I guess it’s fair.

Noticed that all the pages were neatly cut out from the magazines too GJ.

Thats one hell of a Street Fighter database. Not my cup of tea but I’m sure you’ll easily find a buyer for such a fine collection.

Only one thing to say… Fucking awesome dude, i remember having all those magazines and now that i see your collection, i dont know what happened to mine :shake::sad::mad:, good stuff tho.

I’ve been real careful to try to save all my old school mags, as they are about the only thing I can stomach to look at when it comes to the “gaming media”. It’s not like it was that much better back then, but the extreme nostalgic rush one gets when opening an old issue of EGM or GamePro is just so wonderful. :slight_smile:

I am trying to collect every GameFan issue, but man so many people are attempting that…I would like to have them all though…well, mostly the issues from the 16-bit era at least.

Oh, I don’t know. Ask me again at the end of Dec(if this hasn’t sold).

Yeah, I understand that price is a bit high, but let’s say we throw out the sheer amount of time and effort I put in to it(which I have), you’ve still got over 1,000 pages of SF articles, reviews, previews, strategy guides, combos, tips and tricks. Like you mention, all of the pages have been cut out using an exacto blade, and then stored in mylar bags, so they are all in excellent condition.

I hope so.

Sadly, they are easily thrown out and recycled. I see quite a few older mags over at Half Priced Books though, so if you’ve got one in your town, you may hit them up. :slight_smile:


I’m interested.

What’s your email?

Sorry about that, I have my site in my signature…but for some reason it doesn’t show up(until this post, oddly enough). It would have linked you to my email address. I apologize about this, and have sent you a private message about your inquiry.


lol who was the idiot who bought this?


I think he would rather not reveal himself :rofl:.