WTS: Street Fighter III: Third Strike Kuroda DVD's

If you are familiar with the competitive Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike scene you’ve probably heard of the Kuroda DVD’s.

Each DVD is over 2 hours long. It features 3rd Strike pro player ‘Kuroda’ showcasing almost every character on separate DVD’s.

I also sell these on eBay for those not familiar with SRK.

These DVD’s are ONLY found in a small game store in Tokyo, Japan. 100% brand new and original. These DVD’s are perfect for anyone who’s looking to learn from the best and up their game.

Buyer gets to choose how many DVD’s they want to purchase. Characters with DVD’s are:


**NOTE: Please note there is a DVD for every character EXCEPT Chun Li, Yang and Urien. **

Full set (16) DVD’s = $90.00
Any (4) DVD Bundle = $35.00
Singles (1) DVD = $10.00 each


I accept PayPal and Money Order.

These DVDs are 100% original, bought straight from Tokyo, Japan.

Interested buyers must send message to be quoted with accurate shipping quote. Please include your country, zip/postal code and how many DVD’s you want.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


This might be a dumb question, but I’m interested and have to ask. Are there subtitles, or english language selection?

There are no subs or english language selection. There are however Chapter selections on some DVD’s which lets you choose which part of the DVD you want to skip to if you’d like to.

The footage is pure gameplay and Kuroda makes a note to usually always play against the character’s hardest matchups in order to learn the challenging matchups. His opponent is also a very competent player and you can learn from him too.

So, there’s no real explanation of what’s going on, it’s just video of them playing?

You still haven’t got Urien?


Damn I still wanna get a Ken DVD but I gotta save for EVO. Whenever I am ready, I will be on queue.

I’ll buy a set on pay day!

Sounds good. Just PM me with your shipping address when you’re ready.

How is the Akuma DVD? I bought the Ibuki one and was really disappointed with it. I’m tempted to give these another shot but don’t want to be burned twice.

You must not like 3s…or not have realized it was just a dvd of him playing

^^^No, I LOVE 3S. I knew exactly what it was, I just felt after watching it you could learn more from watching Aruka play for 5 mins than you could from watching Kuroda play for 70. Plus a lot of the matches seemed fake, as if his opponents were losing on purpose.

I play Ibuki, I don’t play Akuma. The only reason I’m interested in the Akuma one because his performance in SBO 08 was sick. (minus the last match but whatever …if he didn’t fail we would have never seen MOV beasting with a broken limb.)

I’m sorry that you didn’t like it but from feedback I’ve been getting from past buyers I’ve only heard of your case where they weren’t satisfied with the content. Maybe you’re looking for something else than what these DVD’s offer.

You are now aware that the topic title says “Steet”

UPDATE: From now until the summer release of Third Strike: Online Edition, I will be selling Full Sets for the discounted price of $75 + shipping. ($15 off from regular price)

are you selling the four pack & the singles on ebay also?

Yes, I sell 4 packs and full sets on eBay as well.

I don’t know if I’m reading this right but they came out with the Urien DVD a while back (2/27/09 is when the post was made):


Im so gonna buy a remy and alex vid very soon!


I got the Akuma and Oro DVD’s the other day. Pleasure doing business with you.