WTS: Street Fighter IV FightPad Action Voice Command Key Chain (Sold Out)

All the keychains are sold out. Thanks a lot guys :lovin:


ill take one…

lol that seems cool how many are you getting?

Yea you got any left?


I bought the last 2 from that site. 1 for me, 1 sold to fujifilm :blush:

Lol those things are fun.

Ha wow. Let me know if you get anymore of these. Ill buy one of you

ryu-bi your inbox is full bro. But I’m interested in picking up a couple of these.

YO! Yeah can we get an update on the OP?! Please have more

how much

sir I would like to purchase a ken keychain if you got one.

To those who said wanted one: please check PM and/or pay.

Sooo tempted!

Pmd and paid

Wow pretty neat, any other characters being released by chance?

u have been pms

PMS? run away!

didnt see any pms…