WTS: Street Fighter IV SE Fight Stick w/ Sanwa Buttons XBOX 360 FREE SHIPPING

Like the description states, i’m selling my Street Fighter IV SE Fight Stick w/ Violet Sanwa Buttons. It’s in EXCELLENT condition and works PERFECTLY on the XBOX 360 and PC. If you’re interested in purchasing the Fight Stick send me a PM. I’m selling it for 50 dollars w/ free shipping within the United States. The buyer will pay via paypal and it will be shipped via Fedex Ground.


Ship to Canada?

sorry but the free shipping is only within the U.S. I can give you a price for shipping if you PM your address. I get a discounted rate because I work for Fedex.

Damn, I would’ve bought it if it was for the PS3. Is the stick stock or was it replaced?

this fight stick has sanwa buttons but the actually joystick is stock.

bump. still available

Are the black buttons sanwa or are they the stock ones?

If you don’t sell this, I’ll buy the buttons off of you. Let me know some time if you’re interested.

Sent you a PM

the black buttons are the stock ones. you can’t really tell them apart unless you actually use them.

still available

Guessing this isn’t a response to me, but if it is, I didn’t get the PM.

Otherwise, free bump. :-p