WTS: Street Fighter IV Taito X2 Board

I have 2x Street Fighter IV PCBs,(Taito X2 Motherboard, Street Fighter IV Hard drive) Easy to set up, just plug and play it in your cabinet/TV!

Looking at $2000 shipped for each.

or everything for $3500shipped





how much does a Taito Mainboard run? I assume its similar to a Naomi mother board??

http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/taito-arcade-hardware-and-software/taito-type-x2-hardware-with-kof-mira-ttypex2kofmira-detail.htm . PM ME, i may be able to get it discounts

When you say ready to ship for the astro what would we be talking to North Dakota.

could u sell the bezel and control panel separately. Been looking for the bezel for awhile now and can find one.

op updated

Uh, no.

Difference being a few thousand dollars.

I didnt mean price difference lol, I meant is it like a jamma hook up and then every game swaps in and out, but no its not jamma, and yes 1000 more haha

It is JAMMA with an I/O converter to JAMMA and the extra buttons depend on your output (Capcom CPS2/3 Kick Harness or Sega Kick Harness.)

oO looking at the pics I couldnt tell, Thank you for clearing that up, Still though really expensive, not to mention the games on top of it.

price lowered

price bump

price bumperzzzz

Last price drop!

goddamnit, i’ve been eyeing those astro cities all week. the only thing stopping me from getting them is not having a place to put them, it’s eating me up inside.

good luck, i’m surprised nobody jumped on these yet.


Were those the Astro City’s at Super Arcade with SF4?

Very interested in just the 2 cabs.
Need to pay off something here first and will get to you shortly about your cabs
if they are still here.


bump! Astro Citys Sold!

updated with pics