WTS: Street Fighter IV TEs - Giving back to SRK

I’m a TE eBayer who is switching sides. I will be providing TE sticks for about $200 or less since my Best Buy orders fell through (I was planning on selling them at my total cost + shipping). $220 shipped is the highest they will go for depending on how much they cost me. I will be including proof of my purchase price for those higher than $200 (as is the case for the first TE on the list) so that no one thinks I’m trying to make profit. Aiming for around 190 max if I can find more of them at retail (and I will… I’ve gotten a hold of 10+ TEs so far).

Please don’t PM me for future TEs, only contact me for purchases when they are shown as available in this thread.

1st TE for Sale: SOLD

$220 shipped anywhere in US (48 states). Got this for $205 so I just want to cover shipping. I will have it by Thursday the 30th and it will ship on Friday.

2nd TE for Sale: SOLD

$200 shipped anywhere in US (48 states).

3rd TE for Sale: Not yet for sale

360 TE coming within 5 days…

3rd TE for Sale: Not yet for sale

Hunting for a PS3 TE…


pretty nice of u mdsfx.

pm sent

edit: ugh sorry, didnt read he full post :x

major props for doing this for the community

Likewise, major props.

Would you ship to EU, particularly Poland? I want to know if the shipping’s gonna kill me or not (and I MUST HAVE an arcade stick before my pre-ordered 360 ver. BlazBlue arrives).

Best regards,


I will ship anywhere if the buyer is willing to cover the additional charges. By default I round shipping to $15 in the US (it’s actually just over that), so anything beyond that would have to be covered by the buyer. Not sure how much that would be though…

First two sold… more to come

Are PS3 TEs a lot more rare?

Actually, I see way more PS3 TEs on eBay than 360s, but I’ll try to get more PS3 TEs in…

you’re awesome sauce <3

Mdsfx, where exactly in US are you from?

I’ll try to figure out the lowest shipping cost to Poland possible, heh.

Once again, thank you for all the hassle you’re going through for the community. Oh, how I wish these sticks were normally sold in Europe (amazon.co.uk has some of the most fucked up prices I have ever seen).



Forgot to ask, is it possible to add a PS2 PCB to that stick? No problem with the common ground issue, persistent in the HORI EX sticks?

Chicago, IL (60622 zip)

As for the PS2 PCB, I couldn’t say. Haven’t modded one with another PCB yet. Does anyone else have the answer to this question?

Found a few TEs on eBay for $208 shipped if anyone is willing to pay that:



Do you think it’s cheaper to pay his $35 shipping to Canada or can you ship for less than that?

his is cheaper

Hey i have a ps3 TE stick. Would you be willing to trade for that 360 one you have coming? Also im in ur area and I wouldnt mind driving to you if your interested.

is it sealed or opened?

its opened and been used a few times.