WTS: Street Fighter IV (X360) - $20 Shipped, DMC4 (X360) - $7 Shipped

Devil May Cry 4 - Xbox 360
Game, Case and Manual.
$7 Shipped - PENDING

Street Fighter IV - Xbox 360
Game, Case and Manual.
$20 Shipped - AVAILABLE!!

Both games work, and are in immaculate condition!

Paypal Only.

Thank You!

Is it in horrible shape? No? I will take it!

It’s in amazing shape! I keep all my games in amazing condition. Sorry for no picture on this one, usually I take pictures, but I figure it’s one game, no need to take a pic of it lol.
PM me if you still want it.

I also have Ridge Racer 6, We can combine them both, and make a total of $15 Shipped =)

Will take just DMC4. Shoot me a paypalz.


Done. Thanks!

Wow, quickest sale ever! lol, it took about 30 minutes. lol.

dude i didn’t get the payment.
Did you send it to the right one?

Also, please PM me, stop posting on the thread, lol, it’s some private business now lol.

Added sf4 guys!

And Pablo, plz get back to me ASAP!

If the deal with Pablo and DMC4 falls through, I am interested, thanks!