WTS: Street Fighter X Tekken 360

$56 Shipped.

will you do $45 shipped to 47305

$52 Shipped.

50 shipped!

$10 in savings!

not liking the game?

really tempted right now…

Lol I’m waiting till it goes down to $30 unless it’s a special edition

how come you are selling it already?

its 360 and he only love ps3 Kappa

I think I might have to close this thread. I don’t think the OP meets the selling requirements.

^that’s damn funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it new?

been played 2 days. mint condition.

Why the fuck isnt this bought yet?

no pacman makes a Wizard sad.


Do you still have it?

pics or i will have to report this to a mod :-/

Hey Mr, i’ll trade you straight up for SCV (for 360 as well) lol. I’ll even throw in the bobblehead too!

pic http://i39.tinypic.com/dqlt3k.jpg

This item has been sold.