WTS Strider Themed Finkle Stick for PS3

Mods u can close everything has been sold.

Ill take it if its still available.

Check pm’s…

Bump-new items added-pics will be added later tonite.

Check ur PM’s PillarofHeaven

checked, payment sent.

@Pillar of heaven…got it…pkg will be shipped today along with Hakdizzle’s pkg…I will provided tracking info when I get home later today.

sweet, thanks.

Updated OP with new item and posted pic, better ones will be posted tonght.

wow nice sticks.

Are you selling any of the other sticks that are in the pic?

Well the only one thats for sale is the White one at that bottom, Its a Finkle (well known builder who builds metal cases) the top 3 TE’s have already been sold. I’m keeping my Korean Sticks.

Damnit! I was thinking I could get one of those TEs lol.

Oh well… thanks.

Price drop…:eek: