WTS:Stuff for sale

Nintendo game cube w/game boy advance and resident evil 85.00 shipped

PS1 to xbox adpters $17.00 shipped each

PS2 LCD controller $20.00 shipped

Nintendo system includes super mario bros cartridge $40.00 shipped (ac adapter is missing)

HRAP 3 case SOLD


PC video capture device $45.00 shipped


19" LCD monitor (ideal for dreamcast) $75.00 shipped


Namco stick $80.00 shipped


Do you ship to Canada? Pm sent.

will the hrap3 come as pictured or would u be keeping the buttons and joystick??

Is just the shell my friend

Bump, Namco arcade stick added.

HRAP 3 shell received. Thanks Counterhit, leaving feedback.

holy shit, didn’t know USPS ship that fast to Canada.