WTS Sugar Canes Marble Ball Tops and Golfball tops

Marble Balltop (38mm)
$20 Shipped.

Golfball Balltop (38mm)
$15 dollars shipped

If there was a way to make those golf ball ones completely smooth, but keep the appearance of the texture I’d be down for one… I’m assuming it would just take a few layers of clear coat and lots of sanding/buffing. Cool stuff though.

Edit: But oh man does that bronze one look like exactly what I had in mind for my new stick… I just feel like that texture would throw me off. That, and the fact that I wouldn’t have matching buttons.

The texture is fine. Prototypes have been handed around to top players in Canada…Air one of them. He likes the texture. I’m not sure about you, of course, but its worth a try, especially for that price.

Check the rules thread.

05/27/09 Update

When selling, asking the buyer to cover Paypal fees is forbidden by their Terms of Services. Doing this will result in an infraction

Will edit! Thanks!

Yeah for that price I’ll bite. PM me your paypal email and I’ll send over the money when I deposit my paycheck tomorrow.

30mm? standard sanwa balltops are 35

and is the white white ? or is it off white?

Oh yeah, sorry. They ARE standard sanwa size. Thanks for the correction. The pearl one is white with off white swirls.

Oh… I was going to buy it because I thought it was a 30mm ball, just for my new mini stick. I’ll think about this.

alright thought they would be 38mm like the ones butter oj sold

Yeah, well, they’re sugar canes balls.

Correction everyone, these are 38mm balls. Put a size comparison up!

pm’d for white and black

Black and white swirls are reserved.

payment sent for the white and black peal 38mm balltops

Black and white marbles sold!