WTS: Suite53-Insight Arcade Sticks and Enclosures

For those of you who know me, I’m back in business. In limited capacity for the moment, then cranking up production as I get more comfortable doing this again.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Finkle, I have been building joysticks and various other Arcade related devices for 8 or 9 years and had been a regular fixture here on SRK for just about that long. I had to take a break to sort out my life, move across country and just forget about making joysticks as anyone here will tell you that knows I was getting burnt out!

What do I specialize in? I’m known as the guy who makes all those crazy metal cases you have probably seen on these forums. They are all handmade with the exception of some components which I cut on my CNC machine. They can be made in various lengths, shapes, profiles. I’m reasonably flexible in that aspect but most people usually stick to some of the more traditional designs I have come up with and are pleased with those.

Prices for a complete stick vary due to the choice of components, materials, finishes etc. most hover around 160-200usd, sometimes more if the person wants a truly intricate/unique design. shipping is extra, but typically I can ship anywhere in the states for 20 bucks from Canada.

An empty enclosure for the person who wants to stuff their own parts, make the wiring as they see fit starts at 60usd plus shipping. like the complete stick, i’m fairly flexible on the shape provided its reasonable. most shapes are derived from both my old reference designs and my recently developed ones which have probably made their way on these forums by now.

I’m looking forward to starting up making sticks again, for all my return customers I say thank you very much for your support :slight_smile: to anyone new, I say hello and if I can help you out with something by all means let me know!!

as for references, i’m sure there are lots of people on here who can vouch for me! Thanks to those who encouraged me to come back :slight_smile:

if you wish to email me you can reach me at suitefiftythree@gmail.com or you can check out my puny blog at Suite53 Industries which I really need to update with the new sticks I have made over the past couple months.



Gaaah, all of you stick sellers are driving me crazy. Good luck with your sales, Fink!

Sweet now i can order from u.

Great to see you back on the forums.

Good luck on sales.

Can’t wait on the stick you sent me. Just gotta keep my eye on that tracking number this time around.

Thanks guys!! LOL yes junior, PLEASE keep an eye out on that tracking # and harass the desk all the time :smiley:

I hope these slots don’t fill up too fast, but I’m certainly very interested, you WILL be hearing from me soon. =)

Welcome back and can’t wait to see your sticks poppin up all over the arcade stick thread. :china:

The return of a legend. Welcome back man. Once I clear out a few other projects I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you…

Legend huh?? Thanks for the encouraging words!! :slight_smile: NiteWalker: I really hope I still have a place here and I can make some goodies for the people! :slight_smile:

ur cases dominate i was lucky to own 2 i kept my rounded case

Finkle is back !! :amazed:

Classic Finkle style! Def a privilege to work with.





Finkle, i want your case. /no homo

Welcome back Finkle!

holy shit

I need to order from you like asap

how much is just a case?


ZOMG nice work !

Perhaps a 2 player panel with a little depth ?.. dreams

Oh My Jebus… Awsome stuff went onto the blog nice man

Welcome back!

Must resist making another joystick…

In the pics above, is that an aluminum and wood combo?