WTS: Sumoto PS2->PS3 (PC) converter (READ INSIDE)


With the 2.7 PS3 update, the Sumoto converter no longer works (from what I understand) for PS2->PS3 conversion. However, it still works for most games for PS2->PC conversion.

I recently bought this for $14 or $15, along with my PS3, and it was the day before the PS3 update. I just received it earlier this week, and I didn’t bother opening since I already have a PS2->PC adapter.

With that said, I’d like to get $10 out of it shipped if possible. It is a small amount of money (to begin with), so I’m not sweating getting my money back out of my purchase. I just know that someone out there needs a cheap PS2->PC converter, so I’m offering this up here. Just contact me if interested.

Here is a pic from the site I ordered it from: http://www.spotted-horse.net/images/ebay/ps3/ps2-ps3-sumoto.WM.jpg

It is still in the case, and I still have the bubblewrap and things from the original packaging.


just a Rumor but I did hear through the grapevine that Sony’s new update for PS3 will be coming out tomorrow so lets hope those bums fixed the problem…


Sorry to get a bit off subject, but the sumotos do work for PS2 > PC?

I need to give this a shot with the KI2 MAME I have.