WTS: Suzo Inductive Stick and Dreamcast Bundle

Suzo Induction Stick, suppose to be maintenance free and really good. Never installed, only opened to inspect parts - $30 shipped:


Dreamcast Bundle, used Dreamcast with cables, AV to VGA convertor, EMS convertor and two grey controllers (not pictured) - $40 shipped


PM me if interested and thanks for looking:angel:

Are you willing to sell me that VGA box? :3

Yeah, I’ve got an extra, $12 shipped sound good?

Ya, I’ll let you know when I got some cash. Got like 6$ to my name atm haha. Probably later today if tips are good.

Nobody? Bumped with lower prices, if there’s no interest again I’ll just ebay it X(

If that other guy doesn’t come through, or you’re willing to sell the other vga box separate, i’ll take it.

if the DC is an early model (you know, easy to read backups), then i’ll take it. (i assume the posts above only wanted the spare vga box)

What’s an EMS converter?

Jester: Sure no, problem.

dtran01: I’ll check it tonight to verify if it’s an early model.

Oh no, I still want it :smiley: I just used up the money I got in the bank to get gas :< Today for sure, Leave me your paypal so I can send you the money.

Mystic: I’ll sell you the one out of the bundle.

dtran01: The dreamcast was manufactured on June 2000, I don’t know if that qualifies as an early model. Also I have some writing on it:

Since it has writing on it and a vga box is out of the bundle would $25 shipped sound good?

LuckyDay: EMS convertor is also the Total Control Plus II PS2 -> Dreamcast convertor.

To check, look at the sticker in the bottom right where it should say the region (probably NTSC U), and just to the left of it there should be a number that is circled that says 0 1 or 2.

If it says 0 or 1, i’ll take it for 25 shipped just pm me your paypal.

I am assuming that the DC is in good condition and plays games flawlessly. It’s 9 years old so I’m not expecting mint condition (esp with the writing on it lol) – just that it can reliably play a disc.

Please let me know what the circled number is.


It’s a circled 1, pming you now.

You can go ahead and sell the VGA box to Dtran. Kinda found out my sisters sold my dreamcast…

I can paypal the extra 12 dollars for the vga box. let me know

flipkev, your pm box is full.

What’s the status on the dreamcast? I paid about a week ago. Still haven’t heard from you about the VGA box either.

I’m interested in the Suzo stick but your inbox tis full

Sorry for the late reply guys. Dtran I sent out the cast bundle on Monday, Kooper the stick is still for sale if you’re still interested. I’ll PM you my paypal.

Owned!! :annoy: