WTS: suzo inductive

I came across two of these. They are used and untested. I was told they work. No guarantee




They are a little squeaky and could use some grease. I will ship anywhere it just might cost you a bit more money

60 shipped? To US

So these two are the “few” that you received?
The ones that were to be new?
Or you have more coming?

^ yeah sorry. He said new at first, then after I paid and they were shipped the story became different. Trying to make my money back, don’t have time to mess with them.

I got all excited when this all first started now my whole situation with this guy makes me sad

I will take best offer

40 shipped a piece

There we go I feel a little better

i’m sure someone will buy them. :slight_smile:

I am really tempted to take these both off your hands.
Problem is my suzo custom is not in yet so i have no real way of testing them against a working one.

I am off today and I plan on testing them both

$40 each sounds great to me, if they’re working and still available. My PDP mortal I’m thinking Toddler316’s first in line though and even if he’s not, it seems like the deal was only offered 'cause you didn’t know they were working. I’ll check back to see if the offer’s still standing later.

tested, they work! Man these things are sensitive!

So uh, have both been claimed yet?

have been sold