WTS: (Sweet) Modded Namco, TvC Preorder Cards, PS2 Games, Mario's Picross

AAAAAAH SHIT I got some shit for sale, my gamecube adapter finally came in so I can play TvC with my normal Namco stick, which gives me a reason to sell a bunch of other stuff too! All prices SANS shipping - just pm me your zip if were gettin somethin set up and I can get you a price. I had a decent amount of iTrader feedback before the update, shame it had to go away :crybaby:

Modded Namco Stick (Click for larger pics!) - $100-$125

This is a Namco Stick in very good condition that I modded last year. It features an MC Cthulhu, Neutrik RJ-45 port, Modded sanwa stick w/ hori shaft, custom shaft cover and original namco balltop, and 6 ps-14g buttons. It is wired so goddamn well inside you would poop your pants if I bothered to take a picture of it. I’ve been playin TvC with it, it works fantastic.

I gave two prices because I wanted to give you two options. For $100, I’ll give you the Namco stick with a USB Cable for use on ps3/pc/xbox (with appropriate adapter). I have another stick I wanna use the cables for anyway, so its all good =)

Your second option, for $125, will come with all three custom cables that I have made - psx, usb and gcn cables. You may be wondering why the hell I’m charging $25 for these, but trust me, a lot of effort were put into them. All three have neutrik rj-45 cable carriers for a more secure connection to the rj-45 port, and all three are sheathed in matching nylon braided sheathing. THEY LOOK AWESOME AND WILL IMPRESS FRIENDS AND GIRLS.


Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year War - $10
Another Century’s Episode (1) - $15
Armored Core 2: Another Age - $7
Armored Core 3 - $10
Armored Core Nexus - $15
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. No manual, disc in fantastic condition though - $17
Magic Pengel - $12

Mario’s Picross. Label is scuffed up a bit, got this when I was buyin some gameboys from a fellow SRK member a while back. Still holds a save - $12 (I’ll include one of those plastic gb game holders as well).

TvC Card Pack. This was a preorder bonus for TvC: UAS. Still sealed - $15