WTS: System, Controllers, & Adaptors **Price Bump & New Item*** 1-31-2010

1.) Ultimate Dreamcast Bundle, $40+10 S/H Price Bump
2 ) Snes-Wii (Nintendo Fan Club) Controller, $45 +5 S/H SOLD
3.) Pelican PS3-PS2 Convertor, $40 +5 S/H SOLD
4.) PS2-Dreamcast Convertor, $30 +5 S/H SOLD
5.) Mayflash PS2-Gamecube (Wii) Convertor) $15x1 +5 S/H (Quantity 2) Or $35 for 2 SOLD
6.) Neutriks NE8FDP-B (RJ-45 Jack) $8 + $5 S/H

Terms of Sale:
Located in Orlando, FL. and will ship to all of the 50 states
Will only accept payment thru Paypal
Once payment is received will ship preferrably thru USPS Priority Mail within the next 2 business days
All products were tested on Dec 31st 100% in working condition
If it helps my Ebay Feedback page is listed here
I should also be listed on itrader as well
Please PM if interested

1.)** Ultimate Dreamcast Bundle**
Items Include:

  • Barely Used Dreamcast system manufactured in Jan. 2000 (Recently tested as of 12-22-09)
    *Can play Backup Copies as well
  • 2 Official Sega Dreamcast Controllers
  • Official Sega VMU Unit
  • Power/AV Cables
    *2 Sega Dreamcast Keyboards (Typing of the Dead Perhaps)
    *Sega SmashPack Volume 1 Game


2.)** Super Famicom Classic Controller for the Wii **


3.) **Pelican PS2-PS3 Converter **

4.) PS2 to Dreamcast EMS Converter

5.) Mayflash PS2-Gamecube Convertor


6.) Neutriks NE8FDP-B RJ-45 Jack (Mod Joystick w/ Multi Console Capability)


Are you selling those mayflash converters as a set for 25$

There are $25 for 1 so for the set including shipping would be $55


any trades? Check out my thread if you do for the ps3 pelican converter.

Payment sent for item.

have you sold the gamecube adapters? are they still 25 each? (cuz that’s expensive for those)

Yea I would pm but thats hella expensive.

I will do 25 for both though.

then get them somewhere else.

I will thanx :slight_smile:

Thanks recieved today. Fast shipping as promised with tracking!

Sorry been a little bit busy but the Gamecube Adaptor is still available and I have lowered the price accordingly but cannot lower any further. All Items have been tested on 12-22-09 and are in 100% working condition for the exception of the Pelican PS2-PS3 adapter which has been tested earlier today for a members concern.

I have dropped the price of the PS2-Gamecube Adapters. Please enjoy

Sorry I havent gotten back to you sooner it has been sold as of last week