WTS: Systems, Convertors & Controllers

Items For Sale:
-US Dreamcast (Manufactored in Jan 2000)-(Can play Bootleg Games) $50
-Pelican PS2-PS3 Convertor $45
-Super Famicom Wii Controller $80
-PS2-Gamecube Convertor (Will work on the Nintendo Wii) $10 Each Lowered Price
-PS2-Dreamcast Convertor $35 Innovation Sold-EMS Still available

Shipping Info:
Will ship thru Paypal & include Delivery Confirmation

Payment Info:
If interested send PM I will then send you my Paypal address

Local Pickup:
Located in Metrowest Orlando, FL 32811
Send me a PM

US Dreamcast
Manufactored in JAn 2000 & Able to play Bootleg games
Comes with 2 Controllers, VMU, Cables & Sega Smashpack Game


Pelican PS2-PS3 Converter
No Lag research it on SRK and you will find that its hard to find and it is one of the best convertors for the PS3

Super Famicom Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii
*Brand New–Never been opened
Attaches to the Wii Remote. Play games just like the good ole days


Mayflash PS2-Gamecube Converter
No Lag. Will also work with the Nintendo Wii for the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom game release

EMS PS2-Dreamcast Converter
No Lag.Innovation one has inputs for the Keyboard & VMU



wanna trade that pelican for an inpn plus cash? hit me up

yeah, I’m interested in a similar trade, my EMS converter for your innovation converter. I don’t know if you’re open to trades or not

“Super Famicom Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii”

Can you play ALL Wii games with this controller (Instead of using the Wiimote and Nunchuck) or is it only for VC and GC games? Thanks.

I have one, basically any game tat supports the classic controller BUT!! it doesent have a analog and alot of games dont let u map analog to dpad if needed. Its great for vc and Ive used it for TVC.

What’s the price on the Super Famicom controller?


Been busy srry for the late response
I am not willing to trade just sell

Brand New still in the box $80

dude, did u read my pm??? if you did let me know k?

Mayflash PS2-Gamecube Converter ill take 1 for 10 is shipping included

No shipping is not included

I replied to your pm

Received Innovation Converter this morning, thanks for shipping it out so fast!

Thanks No Problem:wgrin:

wondering if u have the ps2 to gcube adapter for sale still. Please let me know thanks

How much for the EMS converter?

Stil Available and ready to go USPS Priority Mail w/ Insurance
PM if interested

$35 and ready to ship USPS Priority Mail w/ Insurance
PM if interested