WTS/T: Gamecube, games, controllers and lots of other stuff


Same as my other thread just cleaner with a more appropriate title. Stuff will be added periodically.


-Gamecube (with cords): $10 (Shipping not included).


-Mario Kart Double Dash (no manual)** $9 Shipped**


-Guilty Gear XX #Reload (Japanese Version) $18 Shipped
-Talkman w/mic (Japanese Version) $18 Shipped Great for learning Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
-Ghost in the Shell $13 Shipped
-Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition (GH) (UMD only) $4 Shipped
-Monster Hunter Freedom 2 $9 Shipped
-Twisted Metal Head On $9 Shipped
-Final Fantasy Crisis Core (Bought it at release and never got around to opening it.) $20 Shipped
-Phantasy Star Portable** SOLD**
-ATV Offroad Fury Blazin Trails (GH) $5 Shipped
-Silent Hill Experience UMD Video Free if bundled with any other game
Take the set for $80 Shipped

I also have a bunch of Sega Saturn games that I can ship bundled with one of my Saturns if anyones interested.



(model optional with no cords or controllers).
$40 Shipped

I combine on shipping. For instance, if you want a Gamecube combined with a Wavebird or 2, we can most likely shoot for a medium flat rate box. In which case you can go nuts with no additional shipping cost to you.

Just let me know what you want and I’ll see how cheap it’ll be to ship it to you.




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added a bunch of PSP games.


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