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How much for SC3?

How much for just the console and does it come with the hard drive bay adapter?

I have original Fear Effect Case has a no crack. mint. all Complete. I finished game is great. I never use this. my collection PSone dust. the PSone games are mint all complete.

I have “Kartia: The world Of Fate” game on PSone. the game is excellent. That is strategy RGP game and is rare game.


tl613: YGPM

mcginnis: Sorry bro, but I can’t sell the console separate unless I can sell most of the games on the list. If that happens, than the console is yours to buy.

opips2: And?

all right,

the greatest of the puzzle game called “BUSTER BROS. Collection” on PSone

the shooter of the best game called " Einhander" by Squaresoft.

**JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure **is manga comic in only Japan It’s old popular but not now. The mystic fighter is bizarre game by Capcom. this rare game.



so once a bunch of games get sold we can just get the console alone?

Got SC3 from B&B. Great experience. Here is his feedback thread:


price on FF7 and how bad are the disc’s?

Mcginnis: It does come with the HD bay adapter.

spideman: It has medium amount of scratches.

The PS2 is up for sale.

when you say it has the bay adapter, youre saying you can use the network adapter with it? or you have the network adapter?

  1. FF VII. No manaul. All discs have scratches.

  2. Silent Hill. Case has cracks. Disc only, scratched.

Can you tell me how much for both?

Legendary Goku: pm sent.

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Bump. List Updated.

Bump, prices lowered. Dreamcast added.

could I get the Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Pad [Chun-Li Version]?

LoyalistRevolt: I just sent you a pm.

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