WTS/T: Games, PSP and more!

Selling off some things that have just been laying around the apartment, getting no use.
Will not post/send pics unless requested, due to the amount of things I’m selling.
All prices are negotiable despite already being fairly priced, as well as getting deals on bundled purchases. Just trying to clean house.
Local pickup is preferred over shipping, but do not take precedence over people who are out of pickup range who have already made offers.
Paypal is debbieperryman5@hotmail.com
As soon as I receive payment, I’ll ship via priority mail.
Will also work out trades for a blank joystick case and green or blue Sanwa meshballs (new or old).

-Unlocked Fat PSP w/ charger, Nyko protective charge case, Logitech portable sound system, 1GB memory stick - $130+shipping

-White Nintendo DS Lite w/ charger, sleeve, carrying case, Code Breaker and protective cover - SOLD

-Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions NEAR MINT - $20 shipped

-Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth NEAR MINT - $21 shipped

-Vampire Chronicles: The Chaos Tower (Darkstalkers) JPN - $8 shipped

Breath of Fire III PSP (JPN) - $20 shipped

-Pokemon Diamond - SOLD

-Medal of Honor: Airborne MINT UNOPENED - $10 shipped

-OOP Original Viz Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga 1-6 - $40 shipped for all, or $9 shipped each

-Sin City DH Graphic Novels:
Vol. 1 - $15
Vol. 2 - $12
Vol. 3 - $12
Vol. 4 - $14
Vol. 5 - $10
Vol. 6 - $10
Vol. 7 - $20
$80 shipped for complete set


-No Country for Old Men Blu-ray opened, never watched - SOLD

-Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PS2 barely used, near mint - $25 shipped

-Unsoldered Sony PS1 PCB - $7 shipped

-Unsoldered Sony PS1 Dualshock PCB - $10 shipped

-Brand New Seimitsu LS-33-01 w/ wire harness & White balltop, never been used - SOLD

megamands is looking for a ds.

I sent you the money for Final Fantay 3 and I did not send you a pm hope its not neccessary.Thanks in advance.

Packaged and in the mail. Should get to you tues-wednesday. :tup:

Wow that was fast you were not lying when you said “As soon as I receive payment, I’ll ship” and thanks for the very good price as well .

pm sent

Responded to PMs and added PSP and various games.

I’m interested in the psone dualshock if someone hasn’t already claimed it.

PMs responded to, DS Lite bundle sold, and dualshock PCB on hold for THC.

dang :sad:

Bumping because the PS1 dualshock pad is now off hold.

great deal on that ds lite.

I just bought myself my birthday present from Ghostal…buy from this man!

Very happy to hear you’re pleased!
The package should be in your mitts soon enough, let me know when it arrives. :bgrin:

Also, MegamanDS, I’m getting another DS Lite soon, so I’ll probably PM you about that when I get it, I believe you’re scouting for one still.

Seimitsu LS-33-01, Pokemon Diamond, No Country for Old Men and Juno sold.