WTS/T - Kid Robot SF Figures for Buttons and Joystick


Sagat (rare)
Ken (blue)
Blanka (green)
All figures are in perfect shape but I do not have the boxes or stickers.
$35 shipped

I need to get 8x30mm buttons , 2x 24mm buttons and a joystick- but im a bit broke this month
Id be happy to trade these 3 Kid Robot figures for the parts I need.
I prefer Sanwa but Seimitsu, Rollie or knock-offs will work
Buttons can be any color snap or screw-
If the joystick isnt Sanwa I will need a mounting plate (I think :slight_smile: )


I’ll take them. I’ll pm you with what parts I have so you can decide on the buttons or paypal.



traded to chrisl609