WTS/T: PS3 Games - Open until Sunday!


Moving soon so need money/don’t have money to spend so trying to get rid of games and clothes I don’t wear any more.

Contacting me: PM is preferred.

Payment: Paypal or Trades listed at the bottom of the page. Please send payment as “Gift” so Paypal doesn’t deduct. And attach your address in the “Special Notes” section or whatever its called.

Shipping: Anything over $40 will be sent priority w/ tracking number. Anything under will be Media Mail w tracking number. Will send with in one week of sale. If trade I will send the day I get the item(s).

PS3 Games (All Mint, Complete and Black Label.)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Non-Game of the Year/3D Edition) - 15
Dragon Age Origins - 15
Eternal Sonata - 15
Folklore - 15
God of War Collection - 20
Vanquish - 20

Any two $15 games for 25.

Stuff I am willing to trade for (no order of importance.)
DS Lite (Any color but Coral and Metallic Rose. Girlfriend hates Pink. lol) - Will trade any 4 games.
Amazon Gift Cards
Playstation Network Card
Sonic Colors (Wii) - Will Trade any two $15 games.
Epic Mickey (Wii) - Will trade Any two $15 games.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


PM for the Ratchet games & MGS4.


Payment sent.


Both Ratchet and Clank’s and MGS4 have been sold.


Touched up and updated a few things.


Updated a few things.


Continuum Shift and Heavy Rain are sold.


Sorry for the lack updates. Been crazy busy. Will mail all orders and any orders taken by Saturday morning on Saturday.
Thread will be closed on Sunday around 1pm Central time because whatever doesn’t sell I’m going to trade in or throw up on ebay.

With that said, added some games and some deals for you guys.

Happy sales.


PM’d for Awakenings.


PM’d you for Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3!


Both pM’s replied too. Thanks.

God of War III, FFXIII and DAO: Awakenings are on hold.

Any order made and paid for before 10 am today (it’s saturday here) will be mailed out with all my other orders in the morning. If not they will be mailed out first thing Monday.

Thread will close around 1pm Sunday, Thanks.


Payment sent!


Updated list.


I’ll take vanquish if it’s still available


Thanks for the fast shipment, I received Heavy Rain & BlazBlue CS today.


DA: Awakenings arrived today, thanks for the fast shipment.


God of War and Final Fantasy arrived Friday, thanks for the shipment!