WTS/T: PS4 Red Hrap 4 Kai with Odin installed. - $115 shipped US

I have a great condition Hori Hrap 4 Kai in red with a new black Odin installed. it does not have SOCD but Jasen and soon Arcade shock will have SOCD cleaners. The Odin has red switches and has less than 1 hour of use. Other than that the stick is stock. It comes with the original box.

Razer Panthera in excellent condition. only blemish is the nick in the front. Comes with a Crown 309 no collar version. I will ship it USPS in its original box as well as an outer box for safety. SOLD
Hori PS4 RAP4 Kai Controller PS4/PS3 - stick is in excellent shape and includes the original box. 8 Gamerfingers with red switches. It currently has the Crown 307 ST korean stick in it but I can swap it for a JLF no problem.Razer Atrox - Excellent shape. The art has been removed, though I still have it, its a little beat. 6 green and 2 black Sanwa obsf buttons. your choice of JLF or Hayabusa sticks. never really used due to me being using a pad with KI mostly. - $OLD
**Madcatz TE2 **- Will Come with the noir plate installed and the original artwork and viewlix plate.8 White Seimitsu PS14-GN buttons with silencers installed and your choice of JLF or Hayabusa sticks. plexi is scratched up like most TE2’s but other than that it is like new. - SOLD
Panzer KE - Sold
Hori Hrap Hayabusa Xbox One - excellent condition, has a white mesh ball top and kowal actuator installed. has under 2 hours of play. Includes box. - SOLD
Qanba Q4 AS Reynald White Cloud Edition - Excellent Condition, Comes with box. JLF Link Installed. Joystick may need a little lube. SOLD **
PS3 Madcatz KE - Excellent Condition Crown has the Arcadestick Indonesia Upgrade Kit installed, Feels awesome Comes with box - Sold
PS3 Madcatz Fightstick Pro - Excellent Condition. Tek Innovations Plexi, Sim Carbon texture top, Gamerfingers, JLF Link. Lever needs lubed. -
]New Nintendo 3DS in black. Almost mint. Used very little. comes with stock 4gb micro SD card and will be as if you bought it new from a store. Works perfectly, just got a new Fire Emblem edition and don’t need this one. Will NOT come with a power adapter.SOLD
Madcatz VS - $150 shipped
Modded for ps4 by Vicko with a FC4 pad. Custom 6 button plexi by and green side panels (born to lose out to lunch not the sides Lemmy tribute) by tek innovations. Has a few scratches but is in good shape. Seimitsu low profile buttons and JLF stick.
Like new Madcatz TES+ for PS4. Stock JLF and Ive installed a set of black silent Sanwas for the late nights. Comes with original box. I have too many sticks laying around and this one needs to be used! - $150 shipped OBO!
Hori Hrap VLX Premium Kuro Modded with LS-62 and Gamerfingers with black MXs - SOLD

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I’m tempted on the KE…only because of the upgrade kit…these a great prices bro.

Thanks Man! I have an extra Rubber Hard Grommet I got from WazWuz I’m tossing in as well.

Is the qanba available? if it is PMed

I just got my Hori HRAPV4 :smile: thanks @Evolderek. Awesome packaging man!! Very well packaged and very well taken care of.

Next to its older brother :smiley:

Thanks @poisonmar ! All sold and shipped!

Received the qanba in awesome shape and very fast, great seller

Received my Fightstick Pro in great condition and packaged extremely well. Thank you!

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PM sent.

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lawd that Razer stick is sexy.

If I could find someone to buy my Xbox One TE2, I’d buy that.

Let me know man! I’m willing to negotiate on price as well! its a great stick!

bump with price decrease.

That price though. Hope someone takes this from you thats a damn good deal