WTS/T Saturn Console, Games,

Everything sold. Mods please don’t close, as I likely have some more items to add within the next week or so.

Also, will post more pictures on request. PM me any questions you may have.

The iPhone only has 1 speaker. The other is a mic.

Thank you for the clarification. I guess the one speaker just became weaker with time, as it’s not as loud any more, but the microphone does still work.

If you don’t get any hits for the Saturn bundle, i’m interested in* *Groove On Fight and Rabbit

Added Pokemon Pearl. Will likely be adding more things throughout the week (likely sticks, parts, other games and such), so check back periodically.

Price drops on everything listed. If you don’t like them, throw me some offers. The worst I can say is ‘no’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Big price drop. Got a speeding ticket, so I’d like to get rid of these soon to clear that up and have some extra spending cash for SB. Hit me up. Also, will consider offers on individual games.


Rabbit, Groove On Fight, Marvel Super Heroes and Japanese CotA sold and shipped. Let me know if you’re interested in any individual game or games and we can work out a deal.

<— this guy has awesome pricing someone jump on this!

This guy is a legit seller.

Quick shipping, great packaging and amazing customer service. Don’t hesitate to buy from him.

Thanks for the kind words, Zombie. Also, added prices for individual games, as well as lowered the price on the iPhone and Pokemon Pearl. Also added in free Otter Box with iPhone purchase.

Nights: into Dreams sold

Thanks for the awesome buy Sonic312. I have gotten a few things from SRK before that were horribly packaged but this was a perfect job. The discs and cases were in perfect condition given then ten year + age. So awesome. Thanks man.

Reduced a few prices. Feel free to throw me an offer on anything or everything listed. I’ll consider any serious offer.

dang youve still got these huh? :frowning:

Buy it all for $225 shipped. May be interested in trades.

lol after xmas i might take those saturn games.

iPhone traded. Particularly interested in MVS parts/carts in trade.