WTS/T Sega Saturn + Genesis and more

Looking to get some extra cash, so I’m posting up some things I don’t really use anymore.

Will be posting up more soon! + Open to offers on items.

Wants: Yellow 7-11 Shaft Cover

Bought the Saturn and Genesis at a yard sale but they seem to work fine.

Saturn Bundle: $45 shipped
Saturn w/ cables + 2 controllers
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter 2
Daytona USA
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Madden '97 (Case + Manual only, no game)
InterAct Memory Card Plus

A little dusty but just got done play testing and can confirm it works.

Genesis w/ Cables + 2 Controllers: $25 Shipped

Reset button sticks but powers on/off fine. Can’t test with games due to not owning any.