WTS: T5, Dual mod MvcTE & Mas


I have 3 sticks for sale:** AT EVO & CASH ONLY, **all joysticks works 100%
First is the Mvc2TE stick professionally modded by srk’s rabidduck, I just bought it from him last week and used it once so basically brand new, I’m just so used to american sticks =, anyways the TE is modded with chimpSMD has auto detect and the buttons were modded to Round1TE buttons layout. also comes with box $180
Second is the T5 has ps1 dual shock pcb, plexi is replaced with arthrong custom, joystick has no start or select buttons, selling it with Inpin and xconverter360 converters, I’m not gonna lie the case is kind of scratch selling it for 110
Last is the **Mas **stick has the old WicoPerfect360 joystick, ps1 dual shock & dreamcast pcb, also comes with 6 black happs buttons 120



I’ll be at BYOC MVC2 area all day friday and saturday.