WTS T5/Hori sticks Sanwa/Seimistu parts

This is stuff from projects that I was going to start but just don’t have time to do right now…prices do not include shipping.
I have a T5 stick that is in great condition, it has been used lightly probably 2 years ago, but everything works and the case is in great condition. I do have the original box if you’d want that too. SOLD

This is my first project stick an EX2, all sanwa. The buttons and stick are directly soldered on this, it also has an octagonal gate. Works perfectly, when I did the mod I took off the art so it is just bare metal now, and shows a little wear on the bottom right/left hand corner. Also the lcd for first and fouth player dont work, the wire came loose during some of the soldering and I never fixed it, it is pretty simple though. Asking $85

One ls 32 stick with harness, new. $25 SOLD
One jlf wiring harness $5, one jlf mountin plate $5. One jlf shaft $3.

I’ve got 6 seimitsu ps 14 g buttons, lightly used, I had them in a stick for about an hour and took them out. $15 SOLD

Two sanwa obsf 30 blue buttons, lightly used, asking $6. Two sanwa obsf 24 white new $6.

Lastly I have the buttons/sticks from two SE fightsticks, they are used but not much use on em. I’ll sell the whole bag-16 buttons and 2 sticks for $30.

I am looking for an assembled cthulu board and also a happ stick, so those are on the table for trade. Pics will come later today, gotta go ear lunch with the boss :sweat: Combined orders have priority over singles, especially on smaller items.

you dont happen to have any T5 shafts do you. if so PM me. thanks.

PM sent regarding seimitsu buttons and stick

im trying to trade away my MAS for a japanese style stick - let me know if that interests you.

what color are those G’s?

Ls 32 and ps buttons on hold- MidgetT I thought you wanted a ps2 compatible stick?

Seimitsu stick and buttons sold!

Bump T5 sold!