Wts t5 pcb


Looking to get 20$ Shipped in the US. Stock PCB from a Tekken 5 Stick for PS2. Modding the stick, so I don’t really need the PCB.

I can provide pics if needed.


does it have quick disconnections? or is it just stock?


It’s Stock. Taken straight out of the stick and put into a Static free bag.

It has all of the stock buttons and stick if anyone wants it.

No QD’s, it’s stock.


Would you consider adding quick disconnects to it for a fee?


Does it come with the cable? I can wire it up with QD’s myself so I don’t care about that.


I’m not too good on Soldering so I dont want to risk screwing it up, so i wont put qd’s on it. It has EVERYTHING, Cable and all.


Fair enough, thanks anyways and good luck with the sale :slight_smile:




Wish you woulda posted this before I got rid of my tekken case that I broke the pcb in :stuck_out_tongue:


Last Bump. 18$ Shipped


got the shaft+actuator from the T5. If so PM me.